Traffic engineering projects involving highways, state roads, county and other local roads

PTraffic engineering projects define traffic signaling, road equipment, regulation of traffic on highways, state roads, county and local roads. Project documentation includes detail solutions for signalisation, route and node objects, connecting road to existing road details, remote traffic solutions, cable duct solutions, electrical supply solutions for traffic-information systems, load-bearing traffic signalization structures, remote control and monitoring, LAN network architecture, traffic signalization solutions, toll gate solutions and billing systems integration, traffic control centres and maintenance centres, service facilities, temporary traffic regulation.

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Construction projects

Construction projects include road reconstruction, new road project planning including associated infrastructures and supporting facilities. ZG-PROJEKT also controls individual projects (audit) regarding mechanical resistance and stability properties of pavement structures.

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Architectural design

Architectural design projects determine the functional, technical, economic and shaping components of the art of space design.
Architectural design incorporates activities relating construction, reconstruction and maintenance. Architectural design of buildings incorporates 8 basic phases of construction:

  1. task verification
  2. conceptual solution
  3. preliminary design
  4. location permit
  5. main project
  6. building permit
  7. detailed design
  8. cost estimate
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Production of urban development plans and detailed urban development plans

Professional production of physical planning document drafts, draft reports on preliminary area situation and tasks related to preparation and decision making process regarding physical planning documentation. Production of physical planning documents including preparation, adaptation process, implementation of physical plans, land development, land and property institutes for land development including supervision.

Physical planning ensures usability, management conditions and protection of the space of the Republic of Croatia as a particularly valuable and limited national asset. Furthermore, physical planning creates the prerequisites for social and economic development, environment and nature protection, building excellence and rational use of natural and cultural goods.

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Geodesy services

Performing professional geodetic activities in areas of state survey, real estate and land lines cadastre, expert surveying involving physical planning and construction, expert surveying involving agricultural land consolidation, expert surveying involving protected areas, other expert surveying activities performed as a service to businesses and individuals.

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Traffic studies

The goals of traffic studies are determining the needs and development options of the transport system and defining planned road networks in a particular area.

Based on these decisions, following transport system solutions are performed:

  • modes of transport, roads, reconstructions, upgrading current and construction of new roads, intersections, parking lots, tourist traffic
  • pubic transport analysis and improvement proposals
  • prediction of optimal stages in construction implementation and realization
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Traffic design and transport projects for toll gates, border crossings and toll collection

Projects for traffic signalling on toll gates and border crossings include regulation and managing traffic flow at border crosings, variable signalling, variable and permanent lighting signalling and equipment.

Highway toll collection systems can be divided in two types: open and closed systems.

Road structures (bridges and tunnels) and short highway sections use open toll collection systems. In such a system, toll booth is considered both as an entry and exit point so the payment can be done immediately according to the vehicle toll group. In a closed toll collection system, each user has to register at the toll system as a user and settling its financial obligation when leaving the system. Closed toll collection systems incorporate more entrance and exit points so the toll is generated depending on the highway length used.

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Alghoritms and scenarios

The purpose of study scenario elaborates and alghoritms/flow chart/possible events for remote control of traffic through the tunnel is the planned preparation of software and hardware equipment and COKP operating personnel (Traffic Control and Maintenance Center) so that the aforementioned components could function effectively in the case of a particular event in the tunnel.

Scenarios include predicted events during regular operation as well as emergency (accidental) situations. Accident scenarios are made individually for each possible tunnel fire zone. Alghoritms/flow charts are made individually for each possible tunnel fire zone.

Alghoritms are produced in the following way: waiting for the signal that encourages a reaction via algorithms or waiting for the reaction by the operator after which point predicted scenarios start.Contractor is required to implement the predicted scenarios and algorithms in the integration software that manages the traffic-information system (PIS), video surveillance and management system, remote control and monitoring system (SDUN),
fire alarm system, emergency system, broadcasting system displayed on the integrated video wall.

Scenarios and algorithms/flow charts are divided into four major sections, each of which contains a certain number of individual scenarios:

  1. Scenarios and algorithms of regular operations
  2. Scenarios and algorithms of possible malfunctions
  3. Scenarios and algorithms of possible accidental situations
  4. Scenarios and algorithms of maintenance
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Traffic lights

Traffic light signalling solutions involve production of signal programs based on capacitive analysis and traffic count, calculations of protective interim, coordination diagrams, detection and count notification sensor solution and connectiong to the Traffic Control Centre.

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Public lighting

Electrical public lighting project involves the classification of each street, based on motor and pedestrian traffic load (Classification of the lighting situation EN 13201), a proposal including measures with the aim of achieving energy efficiency, development of lighting calculations with the aim of replacement LED lamps, solution and specification of cable ducts for public lighting electrical power grid, public lighting pillar solutions, solution and selection of power supply cables , solutions and selection of LED lighting technology.

Producing energy audit elaborates of the current situation of the lighting system for the project for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in public lighting systems includes producing power balance calculation of the current situation, making lighting calculations of the current situation and making replacement LED lamp technology, environmentally safe lighting in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Light Pollution (NN 114/11). Intelligent luminous flux optimization.

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Development of regulations, standards and guidelines

ZG – PROJEKT d.o.o. is involved from the beginning in the design and development of traffic regulations – guidelines, regulations, standards, etc.

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Hazardous road repair

Hazardous roads repairs involves using traffic signals and equipment that creates traffic calming. Equipment for traffic calming involves speed bumps and raised artificial surfaces.

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International projects

Having extensive experience in the development of technical transport construction documentation in Croatia , we are also present in the international market : Montenegro , Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia . We participate in the development of traffic – technical projects of motorways , high-speed , state and other roads with great success.

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Professional engineering supervision

Hazardous roads repairs involves using traffic signals and equipment that creates traffic calming. Equipment for traffic calming involves speed bumps and raised artificial surfaces.

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Energy certification and energy audit

Modern energy management in buildings includes extensive analysis of all the energy systems of the building to determine the effectiveness and / or inefficiencies in energy consumption and making conclusions and recommendations with the goal of increasing energy efficiency . By conducting energy audits, we analyze the situation and the possibilities for the application of improvement measures for the energy performance of buildings and to increase energy efficiency. It is also an essential tool in determining the grade of energy consumption in the energy certification of buildings.

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Our largest investment, of which we are particularly proud, is the residential and commercial building in Ivanic Grad, Savska 102. The property is characterized by modern and practical architectural design including quality materials and construction. The building contains 62 apartments , 7 shops , underground garage with storage and five elevators on each floor .

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